Antanas Blažys


Antanas Blažys

Doctor Endodontist

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Doctor Antanas Blažys performs treatments and re-treatments of dental root canals. For a complex clinical case, the doctor uses a microscope, which is essential to ensure quality endodontic treatments. With the help of a microscope, one can see what is not visible to the naked eye: narrow canal entrances, accessory root canals, vertical root fractures, and foreign bodies in the canals.
License No: OPL-04399
2009 - 2014: master's degree in dentistry at the Institute of Dentistry, the Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University
2015 - 2018: endodontology residency program at the Institute of Dentistry, the Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University 
Since 2017: UAB Žvėrynas Dental Clinic, dentist 


Services provided
  • Treatment of dental root canals
  • Root canal retreatment
  • Diagnosis of tooth decay, fracture
  • Removal of foreign bodies from tooth root canals
  • In 2014 a poster presentation “Effect of Different Surface Treatment Methods on the Strength (Shear Bond) of Intraoral Prosthesis Repairs with a Composite” was presented at the international conference “Innovations and Topicalities in Dental Practice” in Palanga. Authors - Antanas Blažys, Mindaugas Vaičiūnas. Supervisor - doc. dr. Vygandas Rutkūnas.
  • In 2017 a poster presentation “Endodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Knowledge among Undergraduate Dental Students at Vilnius University” was presented at the international conference “ADEE Annual Conference: Learning together to improve oral health and quality of life” in Vilnius. Authors - Antanas Blažys, Dainora Jankauskaitė, Edita Genutytė, doc. dr. Jolanta Aleksejūnienė, prof. dr. Vytautė Pečiulienė.
Seminars, courses
  • 2017: "ADEE Annual Conference Learning together to improve oral health and quality of life", Vilnius.
  • 2017: "PRO - Advanced Restorative Dentistry“, Vilnius.
  • 2016: ENDOBALTIC 2016, Vilnius.
  • 2015: "Endodontics 2015“, Vilnius.
  • 2015: "Advanced Dentistry Today“, Vilnius.
  • 2015: XI International Congress of the Chamber of Dentists of the Republic of Lithuania "Prevention and Rehabilitation of Oral Diseases", Druskininkai.
  • 2015: "Ethics, Legal Regulation, and Responsibility in Medicine and Dentistry“, Vilnius.
  • 2015: "Restoration of Molar Crown Defects Using Modern Composites and Adhesives  - Theory and Practice“, Utena.
  • 2015: "Modern Endodontics“, Kaunas.
  • 2014: ENDOBALTIC 2014, Vilnius.
  • 2014: "Modern Endodontic Treatment - the New ProTaper Next System for Mechanical Canal Formation and Hot Gutta-percha Calamus Dual and GuttaCore Techniques for Canal System Filling", Vilnius.
  • 2014: "Composite Restorations - Functions and Aesthetic Art (Theoretical Course)“, Vilnius.
  • 2014: "Prosthodontics: Modern technologies and Classics“, Vilnius.
  • 2014: "Innovations and Topicalities in Dental Practice“, Palanga.
  • 2013: "Endodontics 2013“, Vilnius.
  • 2013: "Digital dentistry today“, Vilnius.

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