"Biolase" Dental Laser

Did you know that laser dental treatment is not science fiction, but a reality available to each of you? At the Žvėrynas dental clinic, we use a modern "Biolase" soft tissue dental laser, which makes procedures safer and easier.
Procedures performed with laser: 
  • Treatment of periodontal diseases
  • Correction of lips or tongue ligaments
  • Removal of gums, mucous membranes
  • Treatment of herpes or aphthous ulcers
Advantages of laser treatment:
  • Less bleeding
  • Less discomfort to the Patient both during and after treatment
  • Dental procedures are performed much faster and easier
  • Faster and better wound healing
Doctor-periodontists who perform laser treatment procedures in our Clinic: dr. Deimantė Ivanauskaitė and Paulina Mikalauskienė

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