Justė Strups


Justė Strups

Doctor Oral Surgeon

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Oral surgeon Justė Strups is an expert in her field, performing the removal of erupted and non-erupted teeth, implants, bone augmentation, cyst removal and other surgical operations. Oral surgery to Justė is like an art where everything is focused on a smooth, calm and precise treatment. Dedication to work without counting hours, empathy, patience and sincerity - this is how our Patients describe this Doctor.

2010: completed the study program of Dentistry at Vilnius University and obtained the professional qualification of a Dentist
2017: completed residency studies in Oral Surgery 
Since 2021:  UAB Žvėrynas Dental Clinic, doctor oral surgeon

Services provided
  • Removal of erupted and non-erupted teeth
  • Dental implant surgery
  • Bone augmentation surgery
  • Removal of cysts
Seminars, courses
  • The doctor regularly participates in the theoretical-practical seminars of dentistry as well as national and international conferences of dentists.

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