Oral Cancer Prevention Month

Oral Cancer Prevention Month 
February is the Oral Cancer Prevention.
Oral cancer is a change in the cells that line inside the mouth. It can develop in the lips, tongue, the bottom of the mouth, and other parts of the mouth. This disease is often detected at an advanced stage: in Lithuania, about 75–80% of neglected cases (third, fourth stage) are discovered. Treating oral cancer at these stages is very difficult for both doctors and the person themselves.
We encourage you to check your oral health not only if you notice any symptoms (wounds that do not heal within two weeks and changes in the contour or color of the cheeks, tongue, sublingual, palate, or any other area of the oral mucosa), but also to visit the dentist regularly for a preventative examination of the oral cavity.
Žvėrynas Dental Clinic has a contract with the National Center of Pathology, in case of suspicions, we can take samples and send them for examination.
Let's take care of our oral health! 

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