Preparing children for dentistry


We are sharing a moment full of joy - our team is preparing their children for dentistry!

A baby's first visit to the dentist is a big challenge for parents. The first visits are very important because they shape the child's attitude towards dental treatment. What should you know about this visit?


  • A child's first visit to the dentist should take place when the first teeth erupt.
  • The first visit is usually informal - the little one gets to know the dentist, their tools and the office. The dentist checks the child's teeth, examines the gums and bite.
  • Before the visit, the parents should prepare the child psychologically: teach them to open their mouth widely; explain about the visit; not to scare.
  • We do not recommend using words such as "pain", "painful" or lying that "the dentist won't do anything" in order not to lose the child's trust or create negative associations
  • The doctor is your partner, we invite you to trust them, listen and ask freely in case you have any questions!

Neither babies nor adults should be afraid of visiting the dentist. Our specialists, having accumulated many years of experience, will build a close relationship with the child so that even in the most difficult situations they do not cause any fear.

In the photo, doctor Inga Avchimovičienė, head of administrative processes Dovilė Leonaviče and Ema.




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