Dental Treatment for Adults


Dental caries is one of the most common diseases in dentistry. When the acids in the dental plaque reach the enamel, the tooth tissue begins to break down and cavities start to form. These are indications for dental treatment, which aims to maintain healthy and strong teeth. Dental caries that is not treated on time changes the appearance and damages the nerve of the tooth as well as and can cause damage to the gums and bones. Proper caries prevention guarantees faster and easier dental treatment.


  1. Consultation - during the first visit, the Patient discusses with the doctor his wishes and expectations. If needed, X-rays are taken, and professional oral hygiene treatment is recommended before the procedure. After the consultation, an appointment for filling is scheduled.
  2. A dental filling procedure is performed using local anesthetics. Until anesthetics start taking effect, the doctor selects the color of the filling material. After removing the damaged tooth tissue, the doctor prepares for filling. The softer filling material is applied first, followed by a hard layer of enamel on top of the tooth. The color of the enamel matches that of other teeth, making fillings invisible. The duration of the procedure depends on the size of the affected area.
  3. Care - after the treatment the doctor assesses the Patient's dental hygiene skills and recommends the frequency of professional oral hygiene treatments.

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