Tips for Protecting Children's Teeth from Sugar

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Tips for Protecting Children's Teeth from Sugar
Research shows that children still consume three times more sugar than recommended.
According to Viktorija Kurcevičienė, a doctor- general dentist at our Clinic, it all depends on a child's teeth care and eating habits. Thus, the doctor shares tips to help protect the teeth of the younger Patients:
  • Teach children about healthy eating habits
Everyone needs to get a variety of nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats), vitamins and minerals, fiber and water, so we recommend educating children on healthy eating habits.
  • Encourage children not to snack
Products with added sugar cause tooth decay, especially if they are consumed throughout the day.  Therefore, children should eat 5 times a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks.
  • Ask the children to rinse their mouth with water after each meal
An alkaline medium prevails in the mouth before meals. However, after eating,  as microbes begin to break down carbohydrates the medium quickly turns acidic. Water can help dilute the medium.
  • Allow children to eat sweets only once a week
Carbohydrate-rich products (pastries, chocolate, or candies) should be avoided. However, if the children collect candies, the doctor suggests eating them once a week, for example on a Saturday or Sunday.
  • Remember to bring children to the dentist for a preventive visit
During the visit, the doctor will examine the child's teeth and explain to you the main aspects that need to be considered in order to maintain healthy children's teeth: the influence of good oral hygiene and a properly balanced diet.
Teach children to analyze the ingredients of food products and consume food that is not harmful to health, because the habits formed in childhood usually persist throughout life!
If you want to know more about the effects of sugar on teeth, the doctor Viktorija Kurcevičienė recommends this publication by the Chamber of Dentists:

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