Wisdom teeth - remove or leave?


Due to evolution and changing living conditions, the human jaw has changed. It no longer forms as it did thousands of years ago. Wisdom teeth were vital to our ancestors because they had to chew extremely hard food. For this, they needed a bigger number of teeth. Now that processed foods are much easier to chew, wisdom teeth have become less important. So many are faced with the question: "Pull out wisdom teeth or leave them?". 

The main reason to remove wisdom teeth is when there is a lack of space for teeth to grow in the jaw. Wisdom teeth erupt crookedly or incompletely and can push other teeth. Irregularly shaped wisdom teeth are often crooked, and difficult to reach with a brush, bacteria thrive there.

Also, it is worth considering the removal of wisdom teeth when their eruption becomes complicated due to the difficulty breaking through the gums. Incomplete wisdom teeth are still partially covered by gum tissue. Food and bacteria can accumulate under it, so the gums become red, swollen, and can be painful. This can lead to infections, gum disease and inflammation.

It is recommended to remove wisdom teeth at a young age, at the age of 17-25. Younger teeth have softer roots and bones, which makes the healing process easier after surgery.

However, if the wisdom teeth are healthy and do not cause discomfort, they should not be pulled. It is important to emphasize that each person's situation is unique, and the dentists at our Clinic always explain how to proceed in a specific case and why it is recommended to remove or leave the tooth.


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