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Kompleksines-odontologjos-paslaugosA good dentist has the combination of diagnostic, treatment experience, and art. Our Clinic's team of specialists combines all these criteria and provides the Patients with high-quality specialized dental care.
With the help of the most modern equipment and a specialized team of dentists, we critically assess the condition of each Patient, try to make individual complex decisions, and draw up a treatment plan.

The purpose of this consultation is to carry out a thorough examination of the Patient with the help of a team of doctors and to identify the possible need for further examinations (e.g. 3D X-ray image). After assessing the Patient's complaints and medical indications, an individual treatment plan is drawn up.
  • Indications for concilium arise when a comprehensive complex diagnosis of the Patient's clinical condition is needed. 
After the tests are performed and the Patient's medical history is collected, a treatment plan is drawn up, which will be carried out with the help of medical teamwork. Which specialization of doctors may be needed is determined during the development of the treatment plan.
  • While planning an individual treatment plan, a schedule of visits is made for the Patient;
  • If needed, simultaneous visits to several doctors are scheduled.;
  • Indications for simultaneous visits to different specialists appear when it is appropriate to perform endodontic treatment of dental root canals or treatment of dental caries after removal of temporary crowns. Joint visits are also planned when it is needed to perform surgical operations, during which dental prostheses are removed or help is needed to cut old constructions.
  • Team treatment is usually performed by: (i) doctor prosthodontist, (ii) doctor oral surgeon, (iii) doctor endodontist.
The principle of this treatment concept: tooth extraction, screwing of 4 implants, and production of a temporary fixed denture during one visit. 
  • This implantation procedure involves two doctors: a prosthodontist and an oral surgeon. The remaining teeth are removed and 4 implants are screwed into one jaw. During the same procedure, a temporary denture is attached to the implant abutment. The structure is attached directly to the implants, so it feels like natural teeth.
  • After the healing period, when the bone has fused with the dental implants, a permanent fixed dental prosthesis is placed on the implant abutments.

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